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Looking forward

Issues 14 - December 2020


Up and running

Issue 13 - July 2020


Protecting our people and communities - COVID 19

Issue 12 - April 2020


The year that has been - Richard Coxon

Issue 10 - December 2019


What is your dispenser telling you

Issue 9 - November 2019


Increasing Agent Network; ASP Training; and release of the LU dispenser

Issue 8 - June 2019


Built to Last

Issue 7 - April 2019

Site replaces 20 year old Gallagher dispensers (274KB)

Summer Support Report

Issue 6 - February 2019

Case study for Data Centre and Flow Control technology


"Virtual" Tank Gauge, Flow Control and more

Issue 5 - December 2018

How do you view fuel storage tank levels without a tank gauge?

Gallagher Newsletter Issue 5 (602KB)

What you need to know about DEF (AdBlue®)

Issue 4 - August 2018

Trends with DEF technology and how it may affect us.

Gallagher Newsletter Issue 4 (612KB)

Release of PULSE Firmware Version 1.20

Issue 3 - July 2018

Explaining the new features and functions provided by firmware version 1.20.

Gallagher Newsletter Issue 3 (140KB)

Gallagher market update

Issue 2 - June 2018

Changes affecting sales, distribution and support.

Gallagher Newsletter Issue 2 (217KB)

Gallagher release the PULSE Five Product Dispenser

Issue 1 - May 2018

Meet the PEC Technical Support Team

Gallagher Newsletter Issue 1 (188KB)