Retail L Series Fuel Dispensers

L Series

The modular design of the PULSE L Series with its universal architecture and consistent chassis was developed with fewer parts.

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Retail C Series Fuel Dispensers

C Series

The C Series was inspired by the desire to create the maximum brand space and minimum footprint, without compromising any functionality.

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+Blue™ Series Fuel Dispensers


+Blue™ is the Gallagher trade mark for our dispensers capability to deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), commonly referred to as Adblue in Europe.

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Commercial Series Fuel Dispensers

Data Centre

Gallagher have used their world class security certifications to evolve a smart but simple data platform to target dispenser operation, management and reports.

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Vapour Recovery

Our Vapour Recovery solutions provide the opportunity for legislative compliance that support personal health and a reduction in environmental green house gases

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Vapour Recovery Monitoring

VR Monitoring

The Gallagher design brief required a secure environment with Vapour Recovery status being clear and easily communicated.

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Forecourt Solution Services


Gallagher compliments fuel pump manufacture by providing a service of professional digital printing and application of graphics on fuel dispensing equipment.

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